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Sunday, May 8, 2011


I've always wanted a nice headband. I have been window shopping for these, and forever dreaming of wearing these on my head one day:

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A Burberry bow headband.

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Or this chic headband from Salvatore Ferragamo that reminds me of the timeless elegance of Audrey Hepburn.

These headbands are expensive. And even if I have the money, I think I couldn't blow thousands of pesos in one transaction on a basic accessory.

Thank heavens for Lacoste's pique knot headbands.

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I did not settle for an affordable headband just because I couldn't afford the former. These lovely pique headbands have definitely caught my eye. They give a nice pop of color on you overall outfit, and are quite striking in its simplicity.

The headbands come in two styles: pique knotted and the basic pique, which is a thicker version of this one, but sans the bow.

It comes with a detached tag that you can keep for authenticity's sake, just in case you get tired of the color and decide to sell it to get a new one.

Very eye- catching, indeed. :D

You can wear the headband in two ways. If you're feeling a bit girly, wear it with the bow. The bow slides off sideways so you're only wearing the band on days when you want it neat it simple.

Overall, the headband looks simple even if I got it in a screaming neon color. It's a refreshing addition to my overall style. Hubby said that I look very feminine and young whenever I am wearing this, especially when I'm in a dress or a frilly top.

I've always wanted to channel Blair Waldorf's headband style. But I find the chunky bows weird for my taste. Although I admit that they're nice to look at on T.V. and on her. But when the big bow headbands are already on my head, I already find them weird. I guess fancy dressing is not my cup of tea, though I appreciate it. Now I can channel Blair Waldorf with my pique knotted headband. It's a wee bit of Waldorf's style, but in a design that perfectly suits my taste.

**Lacoste pique knotted headbands are at 899php. For more colors, please visit (A US goods site where I purchased my headband)

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Hi :)
Every headband is so cute and pretty!!
Especially first one and lacoste headband!!

Where i can but those headband?

Actually, i bought the lacoste headband in NY, but i lost my headband recently...T.T

plz let me know where i can get those things! :)

Thank you


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