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Thursday, May 12, 2011


This is one brand that will satisfy the Spring maiden in you.

Call it Spring is the younger (and cheaper) sister brand of Aldo. The shoes are all about comfort without compromising style. Flats, wedges and occasional heels and pumps make up the ladies' collection, while casual to smart casual sneaks make up the men's collection. Obviously, this one is aiming at a younger market. It's also best for those who are teens at heart.

Price ranges from 1095php to 2995php.

If you're into Spring cleaning, then better clear off some space in your shoe rack and make way for some lovely essentials from Call it Spring.

School season is about to start. Flats and sandals are once again, your best friends in the college campus. From basic to embellished flats, CIS has everything to offer. And if you're feeling fashionable on a Friday, snag some of their lightweight wedges and strut along the campus corridors in style.

I'm always up for basic and clean pieces. So when I saw the Esperaza flats on one of the racks, I picked up one.

Their plastic is biodegradable too!

Nice box design. :)

It's Tory Burch reva sans the emblem. I want to get another pair of flats but I have no budget for a Tory Burch yet.

These flats are made of synthetic leather. It's soft, lightweight, and easy to slip into and get out of. The stitching inside the shoe are also hidden, which means no scratching and bruising of the skin on your feet.

The color is light pink. But it looks cream here. Esperaza comes in two other colors: Ice (frosted white) and Black.

It's plain yet pretty, and practically goes with anything.

Satisfy your shoe (particularly Aldo) cravings with the IT shoe store of the season.

**CALL IT SPRING is located at the ground floor of Greenbelt 3 mall, Makati City (Beside Topman).

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Brand- consciousness, by definition, is not only limited to clothing and style. It can be used to classify behaviors and attitudes toward preferences such as drinking a specific soda brand, using a particular laptop brand, etc. But let's limit it this time to fashion, since "Brand- Consciousness" is always associated with this topic.


This is probably one of the most asked questions when it comes to fashion. And most of the time, "YES" would raise eyebrows, and awaken some patriotic sensibilities from someone who cannot understand and is against such behavior. So being a brand- conscious myself, I've been to the good and bad side of it. And in this comprehensive entry, I will tell you why.

My blog captions tell you that this blog is about CASUAL STYLING, DENIM, AND BRANDS. Ever since I was old enough to understand the importance of fashion and styling, I already had this strong preference for branded stuff. I would have to credit magazines and the media for their wonderful job of creating creative and effective advertisements to make you shell out money for their goods. Also, my mom, herself, is brand- conscious.

For polo shirts, I prefer Lacoste. For bags, I prefer Longchamps in a hundred colors even if they all look the same. For denim, I prefer Seven Jeans, Current Elliot, and Lucky Brand, and so on and so forth. But I am no profligate neither am I a show- off. I am wise enough to know what I can and cannot afford.

I would assume that the word "vanity" comes right out of your minds right now. A resounding yes. First. I have to admit that this is one of the reasons. Branded goods, believe it or not, give you confidence whenever you are wearing one or if you're clad with it.

Secondly, branded goods have value. A premium item, no matter how long you've had it in the abyss of your closet, will always have a value even years after you bought it. You'll thank your branded bags, shoes, and clothes one day when you're starting to go on a deficit.

Third. Branded goods provide comfortable, relaxed, and perfect fits most of the time. I am having a hard time finding a nice form- fitting, shape- flattering pair of jeans from local and Asian brands. I am not really a snob when it comes to entry- level clothing. But most of the time (if not always), these brands don't have my size. Sometimes, I get lucky and find a size that fits. But the form looks horrible. Since we're talking about jeans, High- quality denim doesn't come at a cheap cost. But you really do get what you paid for once you slip in them.

Fourth. Buying branded goods is a way to reward yourself. This is what I got from my mom. Any branded item that she buys is indicative of success in her career. So if you find yourself buying a Birkin one day, you'll probably just smile and look back at the glorious memories, your journey in the hard but wonderful path called life, and how the hell did you get to where you are right now.

Fifth. You can save more by buying branded stuff. Think of this analysis. What's cheaper? A 50php white shirt or a 550php white tee from Zara. Bargain hunters and cheap thrillers would go for the former and exclaim "SAVE!", let me tell them that no, that would be "SPEND!". You will always get what you paid for. So a 50php tee is nothing more but a 50php tee. So if it shrinks after washing, you travel all the way to the tiangge where you bought it, wash it, then it shrinks again, and the vicious cycle continues. Sometimes, bargains are not really bargains. Think of the time and efforts wasted. These are equally valuable too! So do yourself a favor and buy that Zara tee.

Lastly, Quality. My first ever Lacoste tee was bought at around 6 years ago. And it's still in perfect condition. My pair of 7 for all mankind, which I wear six times a week, still returns to its original shape right after ironing. And it doesn't fade! From stitches to washes, you're pretty sure that they're all excellent if you're investing in a premium label.

I've presented to you now why some people are and choose to be brand- conscious. Those who diss and criticize should now understand why.

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But Brand- consciousness can lead to Brand- Obsession. Here's the dangerous part. Let me tell you why as well.

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My being brand- conscious peaked when I was in High school. During that time, my mom didn't have enough money to buy branded goods for the both of us. So I settle for whatever measly- priced branded stuff that mom could afford.

So even if the style is blah, or the piece of clothing/bag/jewelry/footwear doesn't really suit me, I would still wear them to places that I go to, as long as people know that I'm clad in branded clothing.

'Twas a good thing that I was able to battle this spending problem after high school. I became more conscious about money, and learned to appreciate its value. So from then on, branded or not branded, as long as it looks good and feels good, I'll buy it if it's worth the dough.

Recounting this experience made me to think of some of the dangers that entail brand- obsession. So read on.

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First. Poser. Yes. That's what you will be if your brand obsession starts to soar to the heavens. One of the possibilities is buying counterfeit goods. Admit it or not, if you let vanity take its toll on you, you'll always find a way to please your ego and induce yourself, even if its impractical already. So what if it's a Secosana or a Kimbel? At least it's the real thing! Spare yourself from supporting infringement and give credit to the brains behind the brands. I'm sure if you were in their shoes, you'll feel bad too.

Second. Becoming a profilgate. Also known as a "Spendthrift". Lavish and extravagant living can be your financial downfall. As Baz Luhrman would put it "Maybe you have a trust fund. Maybe you have a wealthy spouse. But you don't know when either of the two will run out."

Third. Brand obsession distracts you from your goals. Would you rather have a trust fund or Louis Vuittons in all shapes and sizes? You should always have a clear goal in mind when it comes to planning your future.

Fourth. Impractical sacrifices. You will eat crackers and water for the rest of the year because you are dying to carry around a trendy Balenciaga. Before you can say hello to your Balenciaga, you're probably dead by then because of malnutrition and extreme caloric deficit. Remember to always be reasonable. One valuable thing my mom has taught me regarding trends is that trends will always change. They're meant to be that way. Before you know it, there's already a new fad and your item has become obscure. So learn how to be practical when it comes to following trends.

Lastly, Brand obsession can lead to the worst thing: Stealing. It can happen.

Brand consciousness is really hard to fathom, in the same way I can't comprehend K- Pop dressing. Some like it, some don't, and some really can't put a finger on it. There is totally nothing wrong with it. In the end, it's all a matter of preference.



I've always wanted a nice headband. I have been window shopping for these, and forever dreaming of wearing these on my head one day:

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A Burberry bow headband.

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Or this chic headband from Salvatore Ferragamo that reminds me of the timeless elegance of Audrey Hepburn.

These headbands are expensive. And even if I have the money, I think I couldn't blow thousands of pesos in one transaction on a basic accessory.

Thank heavens for Lacoste's pique knot headbands.

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I did not settle for an affordable headband just because I couldn't afford the former. These lovely pique headbands have definitely caught my eye. They give a nice pop of color on you overall outfit, and are quite striking in its simplicity.

The headbands come in two styles: pique knotted and the basic pique, which is a thicker version of this one, but sans the bow.

It comes with a detached tag that you can keep for authenticity's sake, just in case you get tired of the color and decide to sell it to get a new one.

Very eye- catching, indeed. :D

You can wear the headband in two ways. If you're feeling a bit girly, wear it with the bow. The bow slides off sideways so you're only wearing the band on days when you want it neat it simple.

Overall, the headband looks simple even if I got it in a screaming neon color. It's a refreshing addition to my overall style. Hubby said that I look very feminine and young whenever I am wearing this, especially when I'm in a dress or a frilly top.

I've always wanted to channel Blair Waldorf's headband style. But I find the chunky bows weird for my taste. Although I admit that they're nice to look at on T.V. and on her. But when the big bow headbands are already on my head, I already find them weird. I guess fancy dressing is not my cup of tea, though I appreciate it. Now I can channel Blair Waldorf with my pique knotted headband. It's a wee bit of Waldorf's style, but in a design that perfectly suits my taste.

**Lacoste pique knotted headbands are at 899php. For more colors, please visit (A US goods site where I purchased my headband)


- Beach Towel
- Bikini (DONE!)
- Boardshorts
- Sports armband for ipod touch 3rd gen (DONE!)
- Longchamp Medium (black) (DONE!)
- Juicy Couture Beatrice Sunglasses (DONE!)
- Waterproof ipod pouch
- Underwater camera
- Canon EOS 1000D (DONE!)
- Iphone 4 (DONE!)
- Capdase Soft Jacket 2 Expose for Iphone 4 (DONE!)
- White bag
- a pair from Seven Jeans for all mankind (DONE!)
- a pair from Adriano Goldschmied (DONE!)
- Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier Hoodie (Black)
- Luggage (for light travels)
- Goggles
- A nice cover- up
- Tory Burch Flats (DONE!)
- Nike Trainers (DONE!)
- Nike dri- fit shirts x 2 (1 MORE!)
- Nike dri- fit jogging pants
- Nike dri- fit trainer track jacket
- Lacoste Polo shirt dress (Red)